Minors traveling without parents or with one parent


Minor travelling without or with one parent

If a child undertakes a trip abroad unaccompanied by parents or a parent, it is recommended that, in addition to the required identification document, the child be provided with an informal consent form and, especially if the child's name differs, a copy of the child's birth certificate and the identification data page of the custodian(s).

The declaration of consent should state that the custodian(s) agree(s) to the trip abroad. This will facilitate the work of the border police in terms of preventing possible child abduction or unauthorized removal of the child from the sphere of influence of the guardian(s).

The following content of the certificate is recommended:

- Personal data on the minor

- Personal data and availability of the legal guardian(s)

- travel route

- Personal data of any accompanying adult persons.

The question whether the signatures of a declaration of consent should be notarized and whether a notarization is recognized in Germany (by a notary, municipal or city administration) depends on the law of the destination country.

If necessary, a translation of the entire declaration of consent into the language of the country (by a translator's office), and possibly also a court custody decision with translation, may be advisable.

Further information, as well as a non-binding sample for downloading a travel “power of attorney for children” from the ADAC e.V., can be found under this link on the website of the German Foreign Office

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