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For identification purposes and fingerprints, applicants are required to present during visa submission and each applicant has to submit the following documents:

  • 1 duly completed Schengen Visa application form: Online Application
  • 1 biometric passport-size photograph, not older than 6 months). Please follow these passport / ID photo guidelines
  • Valid passport (data page and signature page only; minimum 6 months remaining passport validity upon returning to Malaysia) (original + 1 copy)
  • Malaysian permit/ permanent residence (minimum 3 month validity upon returning to Malaysia) (original + 1 copy)
  • Previous Schengen Visas including entry and exit stamps (original + 1 copy)
  • Signed invitation letter, a copy of his/ her passport (data page only) and German permit of the invitee (1 copy)
  • Formal Obligation “Verpflichtungserklärung” (to be obtained by the inviting person residing in Germany from the competent aliens authority) (original + 1 copy)
  • Flight itinerary (1 copy)
  • Proof of accommodation (complete address of accommodation/ hotel reservation) (1 copy)
  • Travel insurance with minimum coverage of € 30.000,- (not applicable for spouse of EU-Members) (1 copy)
  • Proof of sufficient funds (bank statements and salary slips from the past 3 months) (1 copy)
  • Letter from the school/ college/ university/ institute in Malaysia stating your duration of holiday/ grant of study leave/ semester break (original)
  • Statement from employer stating the purpose and duration of your travel/ Designation, as well as your monthly income and the date of your commencement of employment (original)
  • Copy of spouse/ parents passport including Malaysian permit/ permanent residence (original + 1 copy)
  • Marriage/ divorce certificate (original + 1 copy)
  • Birth certificate (applicable to minor applicants only) (original + 1 copy)
  • Valid rental agreement or proof of house ownership in Malaysia (original + 1 copy)

Visa fee: Fees

Processing time: minimum 7 days

Please ensure that your application documents are complete! Incomplete applications may result in rejection of the visa application.

Each visa application will be reviewed individually. Therefore the requested documents may vary. The Embassy reserves the right to ask for additional documents at all times.

This information is regularly updated but makes no claim to be complete.

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