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05.12.2019 - Article

I.  Documents to be submitted
II. Reference

I. Documents to be submitted

For identification purposes and fingerprint taking you are required to be personally present at the German Embassy during visa submission and submit the following documents separated into 3 sets (Originals + 1st copy + 2nd copy)

  • 2 duly completed and signed National Visa Application forms (to be downloaded via our website)
  • 2 recent biometric passport pictures (grey/ white background – teeth cannot be visible)
  • valid passport (data page and signature page only) (Original + 2 copies)
  • valid Malaysian permit (applicable to non-Malaysians only) (Original + 2 copies)
  • A1 German Proficiency from Goethe Institute (Original + 2 copies)
  • written confirmation from your placement agency or contract with your host family; the contract must include details about your salary, working hours, accommodation and health insurance (Original + 2 copies)
  • Motivation letter (signed) with details about the au-pair activity in Germany, perspectives and plans after the au-pair activity, classification into desired profession and the reasons why you want to learn German (2 Originals)
  • Health insurance valid in Germany to remain in force throughout your stay (Original + 2 copies)

    II. Reference
    Visa Fee:
    € 75 (payable in Ringgit and cash only)

    Processing time: min. 2 weeks

    The above list is not comprehensive and is updated frequently. Additional documents may be required in individual cases. Incomplete applications cannot be processed and you may be asked to book another appointment. Applicants may be called in for an Interview.

    Disclaimer: All data contained herein is based on the knowledge and experience of the German Embassy Kuala Lumpur at the time of drafting this information sheet. However, no liability can be assumed for the completeness and accuracy.

    !!! Due to data protection, inquiries regarding visa status over the phone will not be entertained !!!

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