Passport Application for Minors


Passport application for minors.

Who can apply for a child?

  • The child has to be present at the Embassy, irrespective of his/her age
  • All legal guardians must submit the application jointly. In almost all cases that would mean that both parents must appear in person at the German Mission.
    If one parent cannot come to the German Mission in person, the following must be presented:
    • Written parental consent with a certified signature
      Only certifications by German authorities (e.g. Embassy/Consulate, notaries, town officials in Germany) will be accepted. Malaysian certifications will not be accepted.
    • court ruling proving sole guardianship or sole right to determine the place of residence of the child
    • death certificate of the other parent

How do we apply?

  • Read the information carefully
  • Compile the necessary documents. Complete the application form
  • Book an online appointment
  • Bring all documents in the original plus one (non-certified) copy. Incomplete applications cannot be accepted.

What are the required documents?

  1. Application form
  2. 1 passport photo - ATTENTION: The photo must meet biometric specifications if the child is 6 years or older, see here
  3. Fee
  4. Current passport
    If this is a first time application: proof of identity of the child (not applicable to babies)
  5. Does the current passport of your child show a different place of residence than his/her current place of residence? Please bring a deregistration letter with you if the last place of residence was in Germany or in another country that has a registration system. For the registration of the new place of residence in Malaysia, proof is required, e.g. an electricity bill or a rental agreement.
  6. Birth certificate
  7. Passports of both parents (in case of dual nationality: all passports)
  8. Malaysian visa (temporary or permanent residence permit) of both parents, if Non-Malaysians
  9. Proof of surname: One of the following documents is required to prove the child's surname:
    - German birth certificate of the child or
    - German marriage certificate of the parents stating a joint married name or
    - German name certificate for the child's name or the parents' married name or
    - German name certificate of an older sibling, if the name was declared according to German law
  10. If you have is neither of the documents listed under 9, a name declaration (information available in German only)  is necessary

What kind of passport can we choose?

(biometric) Passport

Children's passport (non-biometric)

no age restriction

for children up to the age of 12

validity period: 6 years

validity period: 1 year

“regular” passport, it looks equal to the passport for adults;
biometric for children of 6 years and older

will be printed at the German Mission; it looks not equal to the regular passport for adults; not biometric

produced in 6-8 weeks

produced in 1 week

can be  used to enter all countries that recognize the German passport

cannot be used for visa-free entry to all countries (e.g. not recognized by the USA for visa-free entry)

Passport fees

Are you not resident in the German Mission's Consular District or do you retain a German place of residence? Then the increased fee including surcharge for applications out of jurisdiction apply to you.


with out of jurisdiction surcharge

Biometric passport with 32 pages
(applicants aged 24 years and older)

81,- Euro

141,- Euro

Biometric passport with 32 pages
(applicants under 24 years)

58,50 Euro

96,- Euro

Temporary passport

39,- Euro

65,- Euro

Childrens' passport

26,- Euro

39,- Euro

ID card
(applicants aged 24 years and older)

67,- Euro

80,- Euro

ID card 
(applicants under 24 years)

52,80 Euro

65,80 Euro

Additional Options

Biometric passport with 48 pages
(useful for frequent travellers)

plus 22,- Euro

Express processing
(expedited processing and production -
approximately 3 weeks)


Plus 32,-- Euro


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