Birth Registration of a Child Born Abroad

24.11.2022 - Article

The birth of a child born to German parents in Malaysia may be registered in the German birth register in order to obtain a German birth certificate.

Do I have to register the birth of my child?

Registering a birth with the German registry office is not obligatory, but might be helpful in cases where there are questions of legal parentage or name.


You were born outside Germany after 31.12.1999?
Then the birth of your child MUST be registered in the German birth register in order for the child to obtain German citizenship. The application needs to be filed within one year after the birth of your child.
More information

How to apply

Please book an appointment through our website.
If a name declaration is necessary, it can be done with the application for birth registration. In that case, both parents and children, 14 years and older, must appear in person to apply.
Bring all documents and certificates listed below (originals only!).
The copies will be certified at the German Mission and the originals immediately returned to you.

For information on how to apply for a Malaysian birth certificate please contact “Jabatan Pendaftaran Negera” (National Registration Department): www.jpn.gov.my

Required documents

  • German application form, fully completed: Application to record overseas birth
    (Courtesy translation in English - for your convenience only, please fill in the German form: Application - courtesy translation)
  • Proof of identity (passport/ID) of both parents and the child (not necessary in case of registration of babies)
  • Proof of citizenship of both parents (e.g. passports, citizenship certificates, naturalization certificates)
  • Birth certificate of the child
  • Birth certificates of both parents
  • Marriage certificate of the parents, if applicable
  • In case of previous marriages: divorce order or death certificate of late spouse
  • In case of children born out of wedlock: proof of the marital status of the mother at the time of birth of the child
  • Acknowledgement of paternity, if applicable
  • Custody agreement, if applicable
  • Name certificate, if applicable
  • Fee for certification of signatures and copies: Fees

Please note:

  • Foreign documents (other than German) have to be legalized or confirmed by an “Apostil”
  • All documents that are not fully in German or English must be furnished with a German translation. Malaysian birth and marriage certificates are not considered as “fully in English”, as some entries appear in Bahasa only. The Registry Office might also ask for German translations of English documents.
  • The Registry Office is not obliged to register a birth, but can refuse it, especially if there are doubts concerning details in the documents submitted or missing documents. Also, the Registry Office may ask you for additional documents, depending on the case.

What is the further process?

The application process can be initiated at the Embassy and will then be forwarded to the relevant Registry Office in Germany. If you previously resided in Germany, the Registry Office of your (last) place of residence is the competent authority. If you have never resided in Germany, your application will be forwarded to the Registry Office I in Berlin, where the processing time of applications currently takes between 3 and 4 years.
The Registry Office will charge you for the registration itself and the birth certificates you ordered. Additional charges might occur. The Registry Offices' fees differ from one federal state to another.

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