German Dual Vocational Training in Malaysia

Dual Vocational Training

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A New Approach to Develop and Retain Talent

The successful German “Dual Vocational Training System” has made its way into Malaysia. The Malaysian-German Chamber (MGCC) cooperates with the Department of Skills Development, Ministry of Human Resources (MOHR), the German-Malaysian Institute (GMI) and a good number of German and Malaysian companies – to offer a dual training program. In 2014, the first batch of students for the German Dual Vocational Training (GDVT) in the programmes Logistics Operation Management and GDVT Industrial Management, enrolled at GMI. In the meantime with GDVT Mechatronics an additional programme is offered by GMI.

The GDVT has become the foundation of the German economic success at the international platform. Bringing the programme to Malaysia will emulate the local public-private partnership and subsequently support the Malaysian economy. Companies joining the program have the opportunity to create a pool of qualified professionals with practical skills and competencies paired with sound theoretical knowledge. Thus, the private sector will be able to gain leverage on industry-specific skills and qualifications acquired mainly in a corporate environment and actual and genuine commercial processes. Participation in the program will also reduce recruitment and settling-in cost as well as make it easier for companies to retain their talents through the identification of the trainees with the company, its products and strategies.

The program consists of 70 % practical training at the company and 30% theoretical training at the training school, the German-Malaysian Institute (GMI). This program enables young Malaysians to receive a 3-years-training in a company and obtain an Advanced Skills Diploma (DLKM / Level 5 NOSS) as well as a professional certificate by the Association of German Chambers of Commerce and Industry (DIHK).

Please contact the MGCC for further information

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