Application: Malaysian Energy Transition with German Support

18.12.2023 - Article

Malaysian Energy Transition with German Support

You have a brilliant idea to replace the old scruffy diesel generator in your community by renewable energy, but you do not have the funds for it? Maybe we can support you, to turn your idea into reality.


If you fulfill ALL of the following requirements, your idea may qualify for our funding scheme.

󠆠 - we are a registered Malaysian non-profit organization

󠆠 - our project will be finished before 31.12.24

󠆠 - we have some but not enough own or third party funds

󠆠 - we need less than 100.000 RM

󠆠 - we plan to implement through active participation of the community or beneficiaries

󠆠 - all money will be spent in Malaysia

󠆠 - our project is sustainable

󠆠 - the funds will not be used for food supplies, humanitarian aid, support of human rights, upkeep of cultural heritage (those topics are funded from other sources)

󠆠 - the funds are not used for governmental needs, military, police, criminal or terroristic activities

󠆠 - all necessary governmental approvals for the project can be obtained

󠆠 - the project does not violate any laws

󠆠- we are willing to fill in necessary forms, sign a contract about the funding and proof that all funds have been used according to the contract at the end of the project

This is my/our project idea

Project Name

Organizer Name

Organization registration number

Project duration

Are you flexible regarding the project schedule?

Number of individuals benefiting of the project

How far do you have to transport your current fuel?

How much do you spend on fuel annually?

Overall Project Budget

Own funds

Third party funds

Funds requested (max. 100.000 RM)

Where will the project be located

Project description

Please also send in a short, not more than one page, project description!

Please let us know more about your idea. What do you intend to achieve with your idea. How do you want to realise your idea? How can we help you? Please only use one page for your comments.


- Application deadline: 29.02.2024

- Send your application to: wi-10@kual.diplo.de

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