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Authentication of Signature


General Information

By certifying the signature the consular officer confirms that the person indicated in the document signed it in front of him. The signature has to be given in person in the presence of the consular officer or has to be acknowledged in his presence. No advice about the legal meaning of the document to be signed is provided. In many cases, the signature certification is sufficient for the document to become effective.

Signature authentications can be done at the German Embassy, but they are usually also recognized under German law if done by a Malaysian notary public.
Please make sure in advance that the German authority, to which the document shall be presented, does accept this procedure. Authorities in Germany may request a legalization in addition to the signature authentication done by a Malaysian notary public.

Examples are:

  • Application for a certificate of good conduct
  • Declaration of renouncement of succession (Erbausschlagung)
  • Declaration of approval (Genehmigungserklärung): declaration by which a person approves a declaration / contract signed earlier on his behalf by somebody else
  • “Simple” power of attorney (Vollmacht): power of attorney relating to everyday legal transactions or business, e.g. revocable power of attorney for a specific legal Transaction
  • Trade register entry

Which documents have to be submitted?

To get your signature certified, please bring:

  • The document to be signed
  • Valid passport (or similar ID-document)
  • For declarations of approval: the contract which has been signed earlier in Germany
  • If applicable, power of attorney for the company / person etc.

In individual cases further documents may be required.


Certification of signature: Fees

Please take note! An appointment for the authentication of your signature via our online appointment booking system is necessary:

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