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Do I need a Visa? - General Info


Malaysian Citizens

Malaysian citizens do not need a visa to enter the countries of the Schengen Agreement, including Germany, as tourists or business travellers, if their stay is not longer than 90 days within 6 months.
Further information for the preparation of your visa-free travel can be found

Important information for holders of a Bruneian Certificate of Identity!

Holders of a Bruneian Certificate of Identity are required to apply for a visa to enter Germany. Please refer to the requirements for a Schengen Visa Application.
Note! The visa issued to the holder of a Certificate of Identity allows for entry into Germany only (no other Schengen State)!

Other Nationalities

Please check the list below if you need a visa in order to enter Germany.
The type of visa you require depends on how long you plan to stay. Are you planning a short visit to Germany, e.g. for a holiday? Or would you like to stay longer, e.g. to attend university?
List of countries whose citizens require a visa

Where to apply?

If you reside in Malaysia or Brunei Darussalem and your main destination is Germany, you have to submit your visa application at the Embassy of the Federal Republic of Germany in Kuala Lumpur. The determining factor hereby is the number of days spent in Germany.


Please note that the German Embassy in Kuala Lumpur does not accept incomplete applications. If an application is submitted without the required documents for the purpose of travel, the application will be turned down at the visa counter. Therefore, please have a close look at all the information provided and prepare your application accordingly. If you have further questions pertaining to your case which are not answered by this website, please contact us via email.

Further Information on Passport Requirements and Travel Health Insurance can be found here:

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