The Promotion of Foreign Trade


The Promotion of Foreign Trade

German-Malaysian trade relations are intensive. Germany is one of the main foreign investors in Malaysia, while among the EU member states, Germany is Malaysia's leading trade partner.

Examples for the good relationship between Germany and Malaysia are institutions like the Malaysian-German Chamber of Commerce and Industry (established in 1992) and the German-Malaysian Institute (GMI), a vocational training institute for young Malaysians, based on the German dual system, also established in 1992 within the scope of German-Malaysian technical co-operation.

The most important economic treaties are the Capital Protection Treaty (1960), the Air Traffic Treaty (1968), the revised Double Taxation Treaty (see link on the right),  as well as the ASEAN-EC Cooperation Treaty (1980) on a regional level.

Malaysia, together with Singapore, tops the list of ASEAN countries as a supplier country to Germany, while it ranks high among the ASEAN countries as a consumer of German products.

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