Bilateral Relations between Germany and Malaysia


Political relations between Malaysia and Germany are close and friendly and are based principally on the two countries’ intensive economic relations. Germany sees Malaysia as an important partner in South-East Asia and as a prominent representative of the Islamic world.

The first-ever visit to Malaysia by a German Head of Government was in May 2003, by then Federal Chancellor Schröder at the invitation of then Malaysian Prime Minister Dr. Mahathir. The Malaysian Prime Minister had visited Berlin and Munich in March 2002. Former Prime Minister Najib was on an official visit to Germany in September 2016.

Nowadays, Malaysia and Germany enjoy regular mutual visits, among the most recent the ASEAN Parliamentary Group of the Bundestag in March 2019 and the participation of former Minister of Defence Mohamed bin Sabu at the Munich Security Conference in February 2020.
Annual political consultations between representatives of the respective ministries of foreign affairs complement the high-level visits.

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