Bilateral Cultural Relations


The excellent political relations between Malaysia and Germany are complemented by a growing number of cultural and educational activities. In recent years, the number of co-operations between universities in both countries has increased considerably, fuelling the exchange of students and scientists. There is a network of well-known German organizations promoting culture and education in Malaysia, such as the Goethe-Institut, the German Academic Exchange Service (DAAD), the German School Kuala Lumpur and the Malaysian-German Society in Penang.

The Malaysian Government has introduced German as a foreign language in many secondary schools in the country, with some of them taking part in the initiative “Schools: Partner for the Future” (PASCH). Technical and Vocational Education and Training is another major playing field, with the German-Malaysian Institute and the Dual Vocational Training programme  coordinated by the Malaysian German Chamber of Commerce as standard bearers for a hands-on approach to technical education.

German artists from various backgrounds regularly visit Malaysia and take part in major Malaysian Festivals.

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