Covid-19 Restrictions on Public Life in Germany


03.04.2022: Numerous Covid protective measures dropped (Berlin/dpa)

Most state Covid restrictions on everyday life were dropped in large parts of Germany on 03.04.2022. Though infection rates remain high, the new nationwide legal framework provides for only a few general protective measures. In almost all federal states, masks are now mandatory only in doctors’ surgeries, nursing homes, hospitals, buses and trains, while tests are still required in schools, for example. Nationwide, masks still have to be worn on long-distance trains and aeroplanes. Regardless of government regulations, companies, shops and other institutions can continue to maintain regulations such as mandatory mask wearing according to their in-house rules. The federal government has justified its decision to scrap most of the measures by saying that the country’s health system is not overburdened and that stricter rules can still be enacted regionally in case of emergency.

The German diplomatic and consular missions abroad cannot take any responsibility or provide any guidance in this regard.

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