Job Seeker Visa


Documents to be submitted

You have to be present at the Embassy for verification of your identity and to provide your fingerprints.

Please ensure that you bring all documents listed on the checklist in their original form along with one (1) set of copies.

Additionally, kindly ensure that there are no staples attached to any of the documents

⬜ 1 duly completed and signed National visa application forms (VIDEX)

⬜ 1 biometric passport pictures not older than 6 months (white/grey background- teeth cannot be visible) Photo requirements

⬜ valid passport (data page and signature page only)

⬜ valid Malaysian permit (applicable to non-Malaysians only)

⬜ motivation letter in German or English

⬜ curriculum vitae in English or in German

⬜ academic qualifications (German university degree or recognized foreign degree certificate and transcripts)

⬜ printout of search result from the anabin website or statement of comparability from the German Central Office for Foreign Education (ZAB)

More Information
The recognition of your University Degree + Degree course title can be verified through the Database on the Anabin Website:

Please refer to the following table:

University status

Evaluation of the degree (equivalence class)

Comparability with a German university degree


corresponding or equivalent



conditionally comparable



corresponding or equivalent or conditionally comparable



The degree is listed with the university and classified as corresponding or equivalent



The degree is not listed with the university and classified as corresponding or equivalent



The degree is listed with the university and classified as conditionally comparable



The degree is not listed with the university and classified as conditionally comparable


Should there be no comparability with a German University/ Degree a statement of comparability has to be applied from the Central Office of International Education (Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen) (ZAB)

Statement of Comparability for Foreign Higher Education Qualifications

The Statement of Comparability is an official document issued by the “Zentralstelle für ausländisches Bildungswesen” (Central Office for Foreign Education – ZAB) that describes a foreign higher education qualification, its professional and academic usage. The ZAB Statement of Comparability can facilitate access to the German labour market for holders of foreign higher education qualifications. It is a comparative assessment but not a recognition certificate.


⬜ proof of means of subsistence: minimum of € 1027.-/month plus accommodation

Travel, Health and Accident Insurance with a validity of 6 months starting from your intended travel date

⬜ proof of accommodation (hotel bookings, rental agreement) for the first month only

If you intend to stay at your relatives' or friend's place, please make sure to include
- an invitation letter
- a copy of their passport (data page and signature page only)
- a copy of their German permit (if applicable)
- a copy of their rental agreement)


A Job Seeker Visa can only be issued with a maximum of 6 months validity and an extension is not possible. If during this duration you have found an employment, you can apply for the Employment Permit or the Blue Card EU directly in Germany. The condition for a job seeker visa would be to submit a University Degree recognized by Germany and proof that your stay of 6 months is financially secured.

Visa Fee and Processing Time

Visa Fee: Fees

Processing time: within 3 months

The above list is not comprehensive and is updated frequently. Additional documents may be required in individual cases. Incomplete applications cannot be processed and you may be asked to book another appointment. Applicants may be called in for an Interview.

Disclaimer: All data contained herein is based on the knowledge and experience of the German Embassy Kuala Lumpur at the time of drafting this information sheet. However, no liability can be assumed for the completeness and accuracy

Checking of status can only be done 12 weeks after the date of submission and via email. Any status request before that will not be entertained

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